Tokyo, Japan 2014 - Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J3

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Duo-black high quality xerox prints obtained directly from the original file-scan of the pictures.

Printed on 200 grams acid free archival Fabriano paper. All prints are signed by the photographers

Orvieto, Italy 2012 - Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J4

Tokyo, Japan 2014

Jean-Marc Caimi 



For something to have meaning, there must be a scene; and for a scene to exist,

there must be illusion, a minimum of illusion, of imaginary movement,

of challenge to the real, one which transports you, seduces you, revolts you

Jean Baudrillard “Fatal Strategies”

Mealla, Italy 2013 - Valentina Piccinni  CODE: V4

Rome, Italy 2014  Valentina Piccinni  CODE: V3

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Mezzano, Valentina Piccinni  CODE: V6

Rome, Valentina Piccinni  CODE: V7

Florence, Valentina Piccinni  CODE: V8

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V9

Jean-Marc Caimi CODE: J8

Jean-Marc Caimi CODE: J9

Jean-Marc Caimi CODE: J10

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V10

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V11

Jean-Marc Caimi CODE: J11

Jean-Marc Caimi CODE: J12

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V12

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V13

Jean-Marc Caimi CODE: J13

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V14

Italy 2014  Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J7

Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J17

Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J18

Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J19

Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J20

Jean-Marc Caimi CODE: J21

Jean-Marc Caimi CODE: J22

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V18

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V19

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V20

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V21

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V22

Valentina Piccinni CODE: V23

Tuscany, Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J14

   A forest, Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J15

Naples, Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J16

Rome, Valentina Piccinni  CODE: V15

Bushes, Valentina Piccinni  CODE: V16

Rodeo, Valentina Piccinni  CODE: V17

Tokyo, Japan 2014 - Jean-Marc Caimi  CODE: J6

Malmö, Sweden 2014 Valentina Piccinni


Naples, Italy 2015 - Valentina Piccinni CODE: V1

Naples, Italy 2015 - Jean-Marc CAIMI CODE: J1

NAPLES, Italy 2015 

Jean-Marc Caimi

  CODE: J2

NAPLES, Italy 2015

Valentina Piccinni




photographer’s cut

[#30 copies limited edition]


90 Pages

Printed on French Lana 150g paper

Signed and numbered